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Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Construction Management

Following completion of the detailed design documentation, including the suite of tender documents, you are ready to seek tenders and engage builders. We can identify a short list of suitable builders for your project, provide them with documentation, facilitate site visits and respond to all enquiries throughout the tendering process. The short list of builders is selected in consultation with the client, following an extensive investigation and due diligence process.

There are a number of methods available to deliver your project, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Determining which one will best suit you is a critical discussion and an important decision to be made to ensure the success of your project. We will work with you to determine which is the best delivery method for your situation.

Broadly speaking, the delivery options available include:

  • Fixed Price Contract with a Builder
  • Construction Management
  • Owner Builder

For assistance to owner builders, please click here.

The fundamental difference between the other two delivery options, is that under a Construction Management arrangement, individual fixed lump sum contracts are let directly to the trades during the course of the project rather than the more traditional one fixed lump with a builder who completes the entire project from start to finish. This generally happens following the completion of the project to lock up stage and can only be undertaken with a selection of trades and suppliers.

The final fixed lump sum cost of the project being determined by the summation of the individual trade contract amounts.

The advantage of this model is a potential reduction in cost for the property owner due to a lack of the builders’ margin on these trades and suppliers and the freedom of choice over individual suppliers and trades. This can be done without the administrative requirements of being an Owner Builder.

The disadvantage of this delivery method is that you have to source reliable trades and suppliers in all disciplines, hope that they work well together and communicate effectively so there are no blame games when issues arise. This can take a great deal of time and stress that can more than offset the cost savings. We can assist with all these issues so that you gain the rewards of reduced costs while not having any of the associated headaches.

During the construction phase of any project, our services generally include:

  • Sourcing and appointment of appropriate trades including sourcing quotes;
  • Coordination and management of trades;
  • Weekly site inspections;
  • Review of invoices against progress and budget and approval of payments;
  • Identify opportunities to reduce cost and save time;
  • Regular progress reporting to client throughout the project;
  • Management of variation requests;
  • Organising, attending and documenting site meetings;
  • Manage defect liability and rectification; and
  • Monitor progress against project timelines, identifying potential solutions to recover time if delays occur.
  • You can expect quality. Our work at the Medical Superintendent's Residence was awarded a Commendation in the Architectural & Design Excellence in the South East Awards 2009.

    The jury commended this structure as "a masterful example of restoration and reconstruction of an valuable Edwardian building. Such attention to detail demonstrates the value of investment in important buildings that are part of the public estate."

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