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Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Providing Assistance to Owner Builders

People generally choose to be Owner Builders for two reasons. Some really want to get their hands dirty and be intimately involved in the construction of their dream home. Others simply see it as a way to save money on the construction budget by removing any builder’s profit margin and mark up on any subcontracted trades and suppliers.However, it is important to understand that there are significant financial and legal risks in accepting the responsibilities of being an owner builder.

Before you commit to accepting these responsibilities, take some to answer the following questions:

  • Do you have any experience with the selection, engagement, coordination and supervision of trade contractors and suppliers?
  • Do you have sufficient spare time to dedicate to your project?
  • Do you have a sound understanding of the construction methodology, and sequencing of the works?
  • Are you methodical?
  • Can you read design drawings and specification?
  • Do you understand the design coordination process?
  • Are you able to prepare and manage time schedules for the trade contractors?
  • Are you a strong negotiator?
  • Do you understand contract conditions?
  • Do you have a high tolerance to stress?
  • Are you prepared to take risks?
  • Do you understand your Occupational Health and Safety Responsibilities?

If you have answered no to the majority of these questions, you either should not be considering being an Owner Builder or you require the services of a professional Project Manager. We can assist Owner Builders in a variety of ways from providing high level advice on an as needed basis throughout the process to providing a comprehensive range of construction management services, for owner builders who do not have the experience and time to manage the project themselves.

  • You can expect quality. Our work at the Medical Superintendent's Residence was awarded a Commendation in the Architectural & Design Excellence in the South East Awards 2009.

    The jury commended this structure as "a masterful example of restoration and reconstruction of an valuable Edwardian building. Such attention to detail demonstrates the value of investment in important buildings that are part of the public estate."

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