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Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Design and Construction of Braybrook Townhouse

Monday, 09 May 2011

This project began as a simple construction management exercise but it soon became apparent the cost of the client’s design was well beyond her budget. As a result, it became a design and construction project with the design of the townhouse being comprehensively revised to bring the project back to within the client’s available budget.

This required discussions and negotiations with the designer who did not believe the Council would approve of the new design and agree to amend the planning permit that the client had gained before we became involved in the project.  He was instructed to amend the design to our specification.  We then had a number of meetings with Council Town Planners who eventually agreed with our position and approved the amendment to the Planning Permit allowing the build to commence - to our revised design.

Tenders were sought and quotes within budget were received.  After the contracts were signed, construction progressed with only minor issues that were quickly and easily addressed due to clear and accurate documentation.  The finished product is a vast improvement over the initial design, was substantially cheaper to build, will be more energy efficient to own and operate than was originally designed and is a much better looking house to boot.

A long journey for a young owner building her first home but a case which proves that persistence pays off and she is loving her new home.  The greatest compliment a client can give is the one she gave me -  "I don't know if you know just how much you really truly helped me through this entire project. It simply wouldn't have happened without you."