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Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Our Philosophy


We are a completely independent company. We have no affiliations with particular architects, designers, builders or other contractors. We source competitive quotes from our network of trusted and reputable companies for each component of the project to ensure that you obtain the highest quality result for the lowest possible price.

Clear Communication

Clear communication and documentation is a key component to any successful building project. Residential Project Management manages the communication between the client and all other parties, keeping a written record of meetings and ensuring all design briefs, drawings and specifications are accurate and clearly define the requirements of all parties. Throughout the course of the project, we have regular client meetings to discuss progress of the works as well as regular meetings with consultants and tradespeople to monitor progress against budgets and timelines. You will only deal with the one person throughout the project and each project is overseen by the Managing Director of the company. This ensures that there are no surprises during the project.

Fixed Price

We charge on a fixed fee basis for the project which is calculated for your unique project based on your specific requirements to deliver you value for your money. We do not charge hourly rates or a percentage of the build cost. We are paid by you to work for you. There are no incentives for us to make a project more expensive or take longer to increase our fee. It is in our interest to deliver the project on time, within budget, to a happy client.

Collaborative Approach

The property development and renovation process involves a broad range of people, personalities and skills from designers to tradespeople, each bringing their own values, skills and opinions as to what is best for the client. Residential Project Management uses a strong collaborative approach, coordinating all parties involved to deliver the project within the shortest possible time whilst always keeping the clients interests as the priority.

We are good at what we do, but don't just take our word for it...

  • When I took on the role as Kinder President, I was handed a Masterplan for the redevelopment of the kinder's outdoor space. The previous Committee had done a lot of work and had a set of plans that were ready to be brought to fruition. Having little experience in this area, I was a little overwhelmed by the process involved.

    Planning permits, building permits, structural drawings ... there were so many things that needed attention. John's involvement in the project was invaluable. He knew what was required and knew how to get it done. We appreciated the way he streamlined the whole process for us. The children of Brady Road Kinder will appreciate their fabulous new playspace for many years to come.

    Thanks again John for the role you played.

Our People

  • John Downs John Downs
    John is the Director of Residential Project Management and a Senior Project Manager with more than 15 years of experience across a variety of sectors, managing complex multidisciplinary projects with tight timelines and budgets. He holds qualifications in Built Environment, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Management and is a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management, the Housing Industry Association and the Planning Institute of Australia. He is an accredited HIA GreenSmart Professional, able to provide advice on ways to make your home more sustainable through improved design and material choices when building or renovating. John has had a passion for the development and renovation of residential properties from an early age. He has a keen eye for quality workmanship…
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